Energy Clearing

Protect your Body, Sacred Space and Car against negative energy. 

Protection Crystal's Black  Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx,  Selenite and Lava Stone and Orgonite's are important crystal's to absorb negativity and shield you against the negative energy of others. Crystals can be worn or placed in a crystal grid around the home to reflect negative energies.

Wearing Organik Temple jewellry for protection is specially chosen to reflect any unwanted energies from others. Your energy field will be guarded against these negative energies.

Sacred Space Clearing and Protection, using Sage, Palo Santos ,Crystals and bells can enhance the cleansing ceremony rituals and remove any block or unwanted energies.These protection stones and cleansing tools give you the power and support you need to feel secure in your spiritual transformation.

Car Protection from road rage to congested traffic, negative energy can come from a variety of places when you’re on the go in a vehicle. Keeping your Car protected ensures that your energy is protected from all sources of negativity at all times. I personally travel with Black Tourmaline, I have placed a piece on my dash and in my boot. Feel the freedom to travel safe.